SUCCESSBROOKS ACADEMY is a publishing, coaching and training outfit, where qualified and seasoned resource persons and coaches teach, train and coach various audiences, on strategic upwardly mobile principles, thoughts and concepts with the radar of Life, Career, Relationship and Business Concerns, in a way that guarantees a paradigm shift, from effectiveness to greatness in the 21st-century marketplace, with an electrifying passion.

Our Core Values.

We know our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills. Most Importantly, we stay focused.

Superior programme execution and brilliance in overall packaging of products, processes and people.

Stability and reliability in service delivery, honest and truthful programme contents.

Improved output of ideas and information.

Superior tactics, Concepts and Styles.

World class professionalism and erudition, universal appeal and weight, total quality management.

Seasoned, intelligent, intuitive and result-driven professionals, superior customer service.



  • To teach upward mobility strategies on strategic frontiers of human endeavor such as life, career and business
  • To raise an army of productive minds who will function at their peak and maximize their platforms with
    excellence; Minds ready to move from effectiveness to true greatness on templates of awesome expression through
    strategic and well-informed coaching, counseling and mentoring services.
  • To raise the next generation of leaders and managers who will have a voice and make news and not noise through
    building industries and institutions that will have global appeal, positioning and performance status.



We believe in the uniqueness, originality and inherent creativity ability of every human brand on the planet earth
and so we are inspired to protect, project and preserve people’s unique brands within an excellent global context.