It’s impossible to count the number of decisions we make each day—estimates range from 600 to 35,000. We constantly sort and analyze matters as simple as selecting a pair of socks for the day or as complicated as deciding whether to take that new job and move to Phoenix. We...

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When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

There are things in life that we have just accepted—difficult things, unfair things, tragic things for which we have no explanation. But the time may come when we’re forced to confront these questions. When troubles strike close to home, we may either accept the fact that we have no answers...

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Living the Way of Jesus Together

New teaching series starts April 15! God is calling Threads Church to growas a family of love God, love others Christ followers. Threads Church is the result of God’s love. By God’s grace, we have been woven into His family and invited to find our place in His ongoing Story....

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