In Step – Life with the Holy Spirit – Keeping in Step with the Spirit

There’s a lot of confusion, baggage and even fear about the Holy Spirit. Afraid of the inconvenience, the loss of control and the uncertainty that comes with the Spirit, many back away and settle for a more controlled and predictable life of rules, restraint and respectability. Paul challenges one group of believers to leave the law-bound life and keep in step with the Spirit. The Holy Spirit has been called the shy member of the Trinity and the forgotten God. The Celtic Christians had another name for the Spirit – ‘the Wild Goose.’ The life of Jesus’ people is intended to be an exciting adventure, as we chase the Wild Goose and seek to keep in step with the Spirit. This kind of life – following the unpredictably wild and free Holy Spirit of God – is risky, frightening – and absolutely exhilarating! It’s the life we were always intended for. May we keep in step with the Spirit and open ourselves to the gift of God that is working in us that we might experience the life that God intends for us – life filled with, led by, and empowered by the Spirit and bearing the fruit of the Spirit in our lives and our world.

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